How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally

Before answering the question “how to last longer in bed for men naturally“, you need to understand that premature ejaculation is a much more common problem than most people would lead you to believe.

About 30% of male Americans admit having the problem. While premature ejaculation can be a very embarrassing and dissatisfying problem for both you an your partner, you need to understand that’s it’s a 100% fixable.

If you take the correct steps you’ll be able to find an effective way to last longer in bed.

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally kissing woman's shoulder

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally

Discovering Your Point of No Return

There are literally hundreds of different ways to last longer, but the simplest and the most effective way to go about treatment is to learn how to control your muscles and mind during sex. What do I mean by this?

You need to learn how far you can go until you reach the point of no return. The point where you’re going to have an orgasm no matter what you do.

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally no return

Once you figure out your true point of no return you can alter your sex as you go to accommodate how close you are to that point. When you feel you’re about to reach your point take action; switch positions, slow down your thrusts, or calm your muscles.

Staying Calm

Another very important point is to keep yourself calm during sex. Anxiety is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation.

Be sure to keep your muscles from becoming too tense. Since muscle tension is a huge cause of orgasm, which is essentially muscle contractions that release muscular tension.

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While I wouldn’t go as far as to say to completely not think about what you’re doing. I would suggest not thinking so much about your performance and more so about how much you’re enjoying the experience. After all you shouldn’t be miserably worried during the entire experience.

This will help keep muscle tension at a minimum which will immensely help you last longer.

Training Your Pelvic Muscles

If you can’t combat your problem by simply controlling your muscle during sex, then perhaps strengthening the main muscles that cause premature ejaculations can help.

This will help you not only control your orgasm, but it will also allow you to last longer before feeling the urge to ejaculate.

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally pelvic figureThere are countless different ways to go about training your pelvic muscles, but the start-stop method has shown to be the most effective. All you need to do it masturbate until the moment before your point of no return.

Instead of allowing yourself to continue and eventually ejaculate, stop any stimulation until the feeling of orgasm subsides. Continuously repeat this process to strengthen your pelvic muscles and increase your sexual performance.

Author: Randy Rochester

As a professional psychotherapist and relationship coach, Randy has been helping couples for years. He had spent over a decade researching and writing about the devastating effects of pe and created Ejaculation Advisor to help others who are in need to have healthier life.