How to Last Longer During Sex

How to Last Longer During Sex is a topic that many men feel embarrassed to talk about while not knowing that they are actually having problems with premature ejaculation.

Men who suffer from this condition are often left frustrated and causing their relationships also suffer. Anxiety, increased sensitivity or psychological problems are often the main causes for pe.

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There are many natural and effective tips for how to last longer during sex without having to purchase not working pills or cream.

Here are 4 simple tips that may be useful for anyone seeking advice on how to last longer during sex.

How to Last Longer During Sex

Satisfy Yourself First

One of the most common practice to last longer in bed is to masturbate before you and your partner have sex. Studies show that masturbation and sperm release in advance, enables males with premature ejaculation to last longer before they have sex with their partners.

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Many men can’t control their initial excitement, but with masturbation before, you can be more relaxed and allowing yourself to have better control over your second climax.

Breathing Technique

Concentrating on breathing can allow you to have more control over your ejaculation. Rapid breathing is a sign of arousal and anxiety. Slowing your breathing will help you to get more relaxed and casual during sex.

Mind Control

By focusing your mind on ejaculation during sex with your partner will make you quickly aroused and leave you with a little self control. By focusing your mind something else that doesn’t get you aroused, can help you in controlling your climax.

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Try to imagine your partner a sexy but not in a way that is too sexual. With this way premature ejaculation can be controlled.

Try Different Variations

My last advice for How to Last Longer During Sex, is trying different methods and let yourself decide for yourself what is best for you.

Every person is different so not everyone is able to obtain success by using the same methods.

Patience and persistence will eventually pay, and you and your partner will be able to enjoy.

About The Author

As a professional psychotherapist and relationship coach, Randy has been helping couples for years. He had spent over a decade researching and writing about the devastating effects of pe and created Ejaculation Advisor to help others who are in need to have healthier life.