Lasting Longer In Bed (7 Simple Tricks)

If you are struggling with premature ejaculation and would like to learn some simple tricks to last longer while you are making love to your partner, then here are 7 simple tricks for Lasting Longer In Bed.

Here are the tips:

7 Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

1. Changing Positions

This is a very simple yet effective way to let you lasting longer in bed. While you are having sex with your partner, change positions several times. This will give let you short breaks to calm down and loosen your muscles.

For example, start off in the missionary position, then switch to she on top and finally  finish with doggy style. I do not recommend to start with doggy style because it will give you maximum arousal because of the nature of the position.

sex positions for lasting longer in bedYou will find that changing positions will  let you last a lot longer in bed than just using one position. Also it will make the sex much more interesting and exciting for you and your partner!

2. Starting On Top – Missionary Position

This is a very smart tip. Most of us can last much longer if we start on top.

When you are making love to your partner, start with the missionary position.

missionary lasting longer in bed sex positionSave any position for later where you penetrate your partner ‘from behind’  because those positions will give you more sexual arousal and will not let you last as long.

3. Using Deep Breathing

When most men get closer to the climax, their breathing becomes quicker and gets very shallow. I was even holding my breath during sex.

To last longer in bed, you must breath deep.

lasting longer sex man breathingDeep breathing involves you slowing your breathing down and breathing into your stomach. This will let you slow down your blood pressure. You’ll be amazed at how much longer it lets you last.

4. Focusing On Your Partner’s Pleasure

Lets agree, sometimes we are selfish lovers and focus on our own pleasure and ignore our partner’s pleasure. However in the end, we get too excited, too fast and ‘blow our load’ sooner than we like. Don’t make this mistake.

Lasting Longer In Bed man seducing woman

Instead of being self-centered, focus on your partner’s pleasure. This will stop you worrying about how to last longer in bed and you’ll automatically start to last longer and your partner will enjoy the sex more than ever.

5. Pulling Out And Doing Something Else

If you find yourself reaching ‘the point of no return’, where no matter what you do, you are reaching the climax, here is a simple yet effective method to prevent your orgasm and help you last longer in bed: pull out and do something else.

In other words, take your ‘tool’ out of your partner and use your fingers or tongue to give her pleasure for a few minutes until you calm down.

Lasting Longer In Bed man pleasuring womanNow here is the trick: While you are doing this, squeeze the base of your penis with your hand and you will find that the feeling to ejaculate will go away. Then you can start making love to your partner again. However, I guarantee you will not last very long after this. The more you wait the more you will calm down.

6. Buying a ‘Cock Ring’

A cock ring is a rubber ring that goes around the base of your penis. I have seen some condom brands give these out free with the condom box.

The benefit of this sex toy is that it vibrates and keeps your erection.

cock ring for Lasting Longer In Bed This means, your partner will get extra pleasure while you will need less action which helps you to last longer. Pretty simple and very effective. However just check with your partner first. If she is alright then just try it.

Do a Google Search and you’ll find plenty of places to buy one online.

7. Starting Slowly

In order to last longer in bed, try taking it slow when you are making love. If you do the opposite, and start to penetrate quickly right from the start, you will reach climax quicker.

So start slow and you’ll last longer.

slow sex for Lasting Longer In BedYou can also try grinding, instead of penetrating. This will also help you to last longer in bed and will allow you to stimulate your partner’s clitoris with your pubic bone as you make love to her. The easiest position to ‘grind’ in is the missionary position.

So there you have the 7 easy to use tips showing Lasting Longer In Bed for men. Try them out with your partner tonight.

When you use these tips wisely, your love-making will be more pleasurable for both you and your woman.

About The Author

As a professional psychotherapist and relationship coach, Randy has been helping couples for years. He had spent over a decade researching and writing about the devastating effects of pe and created Ejaculation Advisor to help others who are in need to have healthier life.